Board & Committees


The Hope Valley Farms North HOA Board of Directors is comprised of seven board members. A board of directors is not only required per the governing documents, but also for the association to function properly.

The HVFN Board members:

  • Are volunteers, elected to serve three-year terms
  • Are elected by the homeowners in the neighborhood each year.
  • Meet regularly throughout the year
  • Ensure the governing documents are followed and enforced
  • Oversee due process hearings
  • Evaluate the annual budget to determine the amount of monthly dues needed to meet budget
  • Review vendor bids and contracts for community services such as landscapers, security, social events, and more
  • Evaluate and select the property management company

Any homeowner in good standing is eligible to volunteer to serve on the Board, and can nominate themselves prior to the annual meeting each year by contacting the property management company at


Current Board Members

The current Board Members are:

  • Holly Hayes – President/Architectural Review
  • Mandie Sellars – Vice President/Grounds
  • Dan Cato – Treasurer
  • Alicia Zorn – Secretary/Architectural Review
  • TJ Christiansen – Member at Large
  • Gary Corsi-O’Connor – Member at Large/Architectural Review

You can reach the board with any questions at Homeowners can also request to speak with the Board during an upcoming Board meeting by the property management company at


Volunteers and Committees

If you’d like to contribute your time and skills to the neighborhood without the full commitment of Board membership, you can volunteer or ask a Board member to start a subcommittee. You can volunteer by contacting

Architectural Review Committee

This subcommittee reviews and approves changes homeowners want to make to their properties. This subcommittee also:

  • Develops and implements architectural review guidelines
  • Reviews architectural change requests
  • Maintains records of architectural changes
  • Monitors homes for compliance with ARC standards


Grounds Committee

The grounds subcommittee oversees maintenance and improvement of the common areas. This subcommittee also:

  • Develops specifications for and implements the grounds maintenance contract
  • Oversees the installation of appropriate holiday decorations
  • Oversees the maintenance of community grounds, including the sidewalks, open spaces, and entranceways
  • Maintains recreational equipment


Community Relations Committee

The community relations subcommittee establishes and maintains relationships with external organizations. They also:

  • Works as a liaison with local government
  • Works as a liaison with community groups, developers, businesses, and other necessary external entities


Traffic and Safety Committee

The traffic and safety subcommittee advises on security-related issues. Additionally, they:

  • Coordinates the Neighborhood Watch Program
  • Represents the Association in Partners Against Crime
  • Works as a liaison with transportation, local law enforcement, fire, EMS, and other city and county officials on traffic and safety concerns.


Finance Committee

The finance subcommittee oversees the annual spending of HOA dues. This subcommittee also:

  • Reviews the performance of general management on a monthly basis
  • Develops and monitors the general operating budget
  • Reviews disbursement of Association funds
  • Maintains a schedule for funding of the major repair and replacement of capital inventory


Social Programs Committee

The social programs subcommittee plans and organizes neighborwood-wide social events. They also:

  • Plans and implements holiday activities
  • Plans and implements other community-wide social events
  • Implements the “Yard-of-the-Month” program



Communications Committee

The communications subcommittee helps ensure homeowners stayed informed and up to date. They also:

  • Oversees the maintenance of the Association website
  • Produces the Association newsletter
  • Maintains the Association listserv