Board & Committees


The Hope Valley Farms North Homeowners Association is governed by seven Board members. The HVFN Board members:

  • Are volunteers, elected to serve three-year terms
  • Are elected by the homeowners who appear in person at the Annual Homeowners Meeting, or via mail proxy
  • Meet regularly throughout the year
  • Decide the rules and restrictions all HVFN homes must follow
  • Oversee hearings and decide outcomes for homeowners whose homes are found to be out of compliance
  • Decide how much dues each homeowner must pay each month
  • Choose how those dues are spent, including the hiring of landscaping contractors, security services, social event vendors, and more
  • Choose and evaluate the property management company

Any homeowner is eligible to volunteer to serve on the Board, and can nominate themselves prior to the annual meeting each year by contacting the property management company at


Current Board Members

The current Board Members are:

  • Holly Hayes – President/Architectural Review
  • David Lister – Vice President/Architectural Review
  • Dan Cato – Treasurer
  • Walt Bassett – Secretary
  • Dan Birmingham – Grounds/Architectural Review
  • Roxanne Copeland
  • Tyler Whitley

You can reach the board with any questions at Homeowners can also request to speak with the Board during an upcoming Board meeting by the property management company at


Volunteers and Committees

If you’d like to contribute your time and skills to the neighborhood without the full commitment of Board membership, you can volunteer or ask a Board member to start a subcommittee. You can volunteer by contacting the property management company at