Frequently Asked Questions

How much are dues? How do I pay them?

Dues are currently $27 per month per home. You can learn about the different ways to pay dues, including online payments, personal checks, and bank payments on our Dues Payment page.

What day is our garbage, recycling, and yard waste collected?

You can find your collection day by visiting the City of Durham website and entering in your address. Trash is picked up weekly, and recycling every other week. If you need to replace or remove a city-provided bin, you can do so at the City of Durham solid waste website. Yard waste service is an optional fee-based service that you sign up for annually. HVFN also has rules about where trash bins may be stored on your property that you should review.

Do I need HOA approval to cut down trees in my yard?

If the tree being removed is a Bradford Pear tree or is diseased or damaged, you do not need permission to remove it. However, the removal of other trees may require approval from the Architectural Review Committee. Please read our guidelines on tree removal and learn about the process of architectural approval.

Do I need HOA approval to install a fence?

Installing fencing of any kind requires approval from the Architectural Review Committee. Please read our guidelines on fencing and learn about the process of architectural approval.

Do I need HOA approval to paint my house the same color?

No. However, if you wish to change the color of your home or another structure on your property, please review our guidelines on changes of paint color or stains and learn about the process of architectural approval.

How far in advance do I need to submit an architectural request?

You can view the review process in detail on our Architectural Review page, where you can learn when approval is required, what information is needed, and timelines. Generally, most requests are reviewed within 30 days, often sooner.

What is the non-emergency number for the Durham Police Department?

(919) 560-4600

 Below are just a few examples of the types of calls that should be reported to Durham’s non-emergency phone number.

  • Barking dogs
  • Loud music
  • Burglaries that occurred hours or days earlier (not in progress)
  • Vandalism to public or private property

The non-emergency number is an ideal way for residents to report events that do not need an immediate response by a public safety agency. Durham’s non-emergency number frees up 911 lines for life-threatening emergencies.

How do I report a street light outage?

The Homeowner’s Association does not handle the repair or replacement of street lights. Please visit the City of Durham website to learn more about how to report issues with street lights.

Can I let my dogs off-leash in the neighborhood and common areas?

No. Durham County pet owners are required to keep their animals under restraint when they’re away from their property. It’s unlawful to take a dog on a stroll through your neighborhood without a leash. No matter how friendly or well-behaved the owner believes their pet can be around others, the pet must be supervised and restrained at all times for everyone’s safety. Taking your dog out to the “big field” or in another common area to play off-leash fetch is not allowed per Durham ordinances. Learn more at the Durham County Sheriff’s Office website.

How do I make sure I am notified about neighborhood service dates, upcoming events, and the annual meeting?

The Hope Valley Farms North HOA uses its mailing list to send homeowners very important information. All homeowners are encouraged to sign up online and ensure messages are not going to a spam folder.

How do I become a Board or Committee member?

Any homeowner in Hope Valley Farms North is eligible to become a Board Member. Elections for new Board members are held each year at the Annual Meeting. You can nominate yourself prior to the annual meeting each year by contacting the property management company at You can learn about our committees on the Board and Committees page, and request to join a committee by contacting