Rules & Regulations

The Hope Valley Farms North Homeowners Association creates and enforces a set of mandatory rules to help all homeowners live together peacefully, as well as ensure the value, attractiveness, and desirability of all homes in the neighborhood. These rules are created and modified by the Board of Directors.

Home and Property Maintenance

Keeping up the appearance and maintenance on your property is not optional in HVFN. The following are rules all homeowners must follow.

  • You must keep your property neat and tidy, which includes mowing, weed-eating, as well as trimming bushes and tree limbs.
  • You must keep the exterior of your home clean. This includes regularly powerwashing your home, and painting when needed.
  • You must keep the exterior of your home, including your shed, mailbox post, and other structures, in good repair. This includes repairing and replacing siding, windows, shutters, and painting your mailbox post.
  • You may not consistently leave any construction debris or building supplies in your yard.
  • You may not place your car on blocks for extended periods of time.
  • You may not hang laundry on your deck.
  • Before making any major changes to your home and property, you will need to receive approval from the Architectural Review Committee. To learn about this process, and to submit a request online, visit the Architectural Review page.



Trailers, boats, commercial vehicles, and RVs may not be parked outside in any HVFN neighborhood. You can rent RV, trailer, or boat storage from storage companies and other providers nearby.


All residents must comply with City of Durham ordinances on pets. The additional rules apply to HVFN pet owners.

  • All pets must be on a leash if they are outdoors, outside of a fenced-in property.
  • All poop must be picked up. The HOA provides for pickup bags and trashcans around the neighborhood for your use.
  • For dangerous animals, please call Durham Animal Control at 919-560-0630. Please contact the property management company at with ongoing nuisance issues, such as excessive barking.

Trash and Recycling

The City of Durham provides bins to residents and handles all waste pickup. To learn more about collection schedules, recycling guidelines, signing up for yard waste service, and scheduling a large item pickup, please visit the City of Durham Solid Waste Management website. The following additional rules apply to all HVFN homeowners.

  • You must keep your trash, recycling, and yard waste bins in a place that is not visible from the street.
  • You may not consistently leave any trash in your yard. You may leave unwanted items by the curb for a reasonable amount of time for large trash pickup by the City of Durham.


Noise and Soliciting

All residents have the right to a quiet neighborhood, and therefore must comply with City of Durham noise ordinances.

  • Violations of the noise ordinance can be reported to the police non-emergency number (919) 560-4600.
  • Homeowners are responsible for any disturbances created by themselves, their guests, tenants, or guests of tenants.
  • If you contact the police about a noise problem, please also notify the property management company at
  • The HOA may take action against an owner if noise is a repeated problem.
  • HVFN has a strict no soliciting policy. Please notify solicitors you may see that our HOA has requested they not solicit in our community.


Yard Signs

All signs in and around HVFN shall be in compliance with the City of Durham Sign Ordinance. Homeowners must also comply with the following rules.

  • One standard and reasonable sign indicating a home is for sale or rent may be posted at a location reasonably near the front of the home. The sign may not be greater than five square feet in size.
  • No other signs may be posted in a yard for extended periods of time.
  • For yard sales or other uses, two temporary signs, no larger than 5 square feet, may be placed for 24 hours or less at nearby intersections. Signs are restricted from placement in the right-of-way and no inflatable devices, such as balloons, may be attached to the signs.


Enforcement of Rules

Periodic home inspections are conducted by the property management company, and you will receive a violation letter if your home is found to be breaking a rule. If your property is not brought into compliance after two letters are sent, a hearing will be held which you can attend to speak with the Board. After the hearing, the Board of Directors can choose what penalty to assess, up to and including a fine of $100 per day your home remains out of compliance.