Rules & Regulations

Before the first home was constructed, the developer of Hope Valley Farms North created covenants, rules, and restrictions to help all homeowners live together peacefully, as well as ensure the value, attractiveness, and desirability of all homes in the neighborhood. The Board of Directors and Towne Properties work together to maintain the integrity of these governing documents.

The board wishes to foster a community of friendly neighbors who respect the rights of others. Compliance with certain rules and regulations is necessary to accomplish this in our close community. Residents and owners are responsible for the conduct and actions of their guests, tenants, vendors, and pets. Infringing on the rights of your neighbor is not allowed.

It is the responsibility of the board to enforce compliance with these rules in an equitable manner but not to harass those that may occasionally slip. The Community Manager will ensure any concerns from residents pertaining to the Rules & Regulations are processed with discretion and in accordance with approved HOA policy.

Covenants, Bylaws and other pertinent information can be found at

Violations of any of the following rules and regulations may result in due process and fines.

Enforcement of Rules

Periodic home inspections are conducted by the property management company, and you will receive a violation letter if your home is found to be breaking a rule. If your property is not brought into compliance after two letters are sent, a hearing will be held which you can attend to speak with the Board. After the hearing, the Board of Directors can choose what penalty to assess, up to and including a fine of $100 per day your home remains out of compliance.