Hope Valley Farms North Homeowners Association

For the communities of Arborfield, Carlton Crossings, Gable Ridge, Gaithers Pointe, Greyfield, Hunters Forest, Linden Oaks, Regency, Spring Meadow, Stonebridge, Sullivan Trace, and Wiltshire

You can download the 2024 Hope Valley Farms North budget using the link below.

You can download the agenda for the 2024 Hope Valley Farms North Annual Board Meeting

Hope Valley Farms North Homeowners Association Policy Resolution regarding Failure to Obtain ARC Approval for Exterior Structural, Architectural or Landscaping Additions or Alterations

Save a stamp! Read candidate bios and vote online for two open board seats.

Dues Payment Information

All homeowners are required to pay association dues. For your convenience, there are three payment options. Payments are due on the first of each month. Past due accounts are subject to late fees.

HOA dueswill be $32.00 per month Starting in January 2024. Late fees are $10 per month.

*IMPORTANT* Mortgage companies do not pay HOA dues. Significantly overdue accounts may incur collection charges, legal fees, and potential foreclosure. Please contact manager@hvfnorth.com if you are at risk of foreclosure or filing for bankruptcy.

Thank you for your prompt payment and support!

Online Payments

Towne Properties utilizes Community Café to handle online one-time and recurring payments via bank draft, debit card, or credit card. To get the required information to register as a homeowner, please contact our property manager at manager@hvfnorth.com. Please note, there may be a service fee charged depending on payment type.

Bank Check/Bill Pay


The easiest and most cost-effective way to pay your dues is to setup automatic checks to be sent from your bank directly to Towne Properties each month. To do this, you will need to include the management ID, four-digit association ID, and your seven-digit account number on each check. You can find this information by logging into the homeowner portal or contacting your property manager at manager@hvfnorth.com.

The address for automatic bill pay is:
Hope Valley Farms North
c/o Towne Properties
PO Box 621717
Orlando, FL 32862-1717

Mailed Personal Check

To pay via personal check, you must include a coupon with your check to ensure the payment is sent to the appropriate account number. Coupon booklets for the year may be purchased from Towne Properties for $12.00. This cost will be added to your annual account when you order. To order a coupon book, please our property manager at manager@hvfnorth.com.