Tree Removal

Tree Removal on Homeowner Property

Please protect, preserve, and feel free to plant trees.

  • No live ornamental trees (e.g., holly, dogwood, redbud, etc.) may be removed without specific permission.
  • No live deciduous or evergreen trees, the trunks of which are six or more inches in diameter as measured two feet above grade, may be removed without specific approval. Removal of live tress will be approved if their continued existence would be dangerous to life or property. In most cases replacement trees must be planted.
  • The Association has the authority to remove at owner’s expense or instruct the owners to remove trees that are diseased at their expense that have been determined to be a hazard or danger to the neighborhood.
  • Trees damaged or uprooted as the result of storm or other event may be pruned or removed without approval.
  • Tree stumps must be removed or ground down. If removed, the hole must be filled and covered with grass, shrubbery, or other plants.
  • Significant landscaping changes require Architectural Review Committee approval.