Major Additions

Guidelines for Major Additions

Major additions include improvements such as rooms, garages, greenhouses, screened porches, sunrooms, storage buildings, swimming pools, deck extensions, patios, awnings, driveway extensions, etc. that are permanent installations to the property.

  • The design of major additions must be similar in style to the existing and surrounding structures. These include but are not limited to color, siding, roof pitch, etc.
  • The location of the addition must not unnecessarily restrict the view or enclose the property of adjoining owners.
  • The Association may require the addition of shrubbery, trees, and other landscape changes to maintain the natural harmony of the property with the adjoining property.
  • Due to the complexity and cost of detailed plans, preliminary approval of proposed major additions can be obtained. If preliminary approval is granted, submittal of complete plans and final review by the ARC and approval is still required.